The Noble Ones




Takutai Square

It’s customary for Chinese families to have living blooms in their homes at Chinese New Year. In this exhibition, New Zealand Chinese artist James K. Lowe celebrates Chinese New Year with a suite of beautiful images of Chinese plants – plum branches, orchids, bamboo and chrysanthemums (known as the ‘Four Gentlemen’ or ‘Four Noble Ones’), and peonies – displayed on lightboxes. The gradual transition from dark to light in the background of the works represents the dawning of the new year; the lightboxes themselves are arranged in a crescent that emulates the passage of the new moon through the sky on February 5, the first day of the Chinese New Year.

农历新年来临之际,中国家庭有用鲜花布置家宅的习俗。本次展览中,新西兰华裔艺术家刘家豪(James K. Lowe)用一套精美的中国植物花卉摄影作品来庆祝中国新年,包括在灯箱上展出的梅、兰、竹、菊(四君子)和牡丹。展览作品中背景由暗到亮的渐渐变化寓意新年伊始;灯箱被排摆成月牙形状宛如二月五日即中国新年第一天的夜空中升起的新月。

Project team / 项目团队: James K. Lowe, Emily Moon and Loupe Agency, Angus Muir Design, Sophie Wolanski at Muck Floral, Scott Hardy, Nicole Miller-Wong, Jason King and Sixty Four, City Centre Design Unit at Auckland Council, Jodie Fay, Jeremy Hansen and Xiao Liu.

The lightboxes will be on display until February 18.